Alejandra Pérez-Plá, Representative


Ms. Pérez-Plá is the Representative of Global Capital Finance in Madrid and serves as Regional Manager – Mediterranean. She is primarily responsible for the origination, syndication, and execution of renewable energy transactions related to the Mediterranean region, and also supports the Latin American region.

Prior to joining Global Capital Finance in September 2022, Ms. Pérez-Plá was a member of the management team of RWC Mutual Empathy, where she will remain on the investment committee. From 2016 to 2020, Ms. Pérez-Plá worked at Global Capital Finance in New York, where she was a Vice President. Earlier in her career, from 2013 to 2014, she was a General Manager and Designer at Sophie Habsburg Design in Rome, Italy. During 2012, Ms. Pérez-Plá served as staff member of María del Pilar Ayuso González, Member of the National Executive Committee of the Peoples Party representing Castilia-La Mancha and Member of the European Parliament, in Brussels, Belgium. Her responsibilities included economic research, writing delegate briefing papers, and drafting regulatory amendments for the Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety, as well as the Agriculture and Rural Development Commissions.

Ms. Pérez-Plá received a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University’s Earth Institute. She received a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics (Honors Program), as well as a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from the American University of Paris, France. She holds Spanish and French citizenships, and is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian.